Enterprise Feedback Management
Unlimited respondents. Unlimited devices. Unlimited insight.
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Whether you’re collecting customer feedback, monitoring employee engagement, or conducting market research, enterprise survey solutions have never been easier, more insightful, or so good-looking.
Drag and drop.

Our easy, step-by-step builder makes it easy to create stunning surveys that respondents actually want to complete. Plus, setup takes just a few minutes - so you can spend more time on the things that matter.

Smart and adaptable.

Survely may be easy to use, but its question logic is clever and complex. Create multi-path and responsive surveys that adapt to answers using advanced question logic.

Organize, analyze, take action.

The real power behind Survely lies in its ability to turn your feedback into actionable insights - easily organize your data to spot trends, drill into answers to follow-up with individual respondents, and make changes that boost your bottom line.
Plus, easily arrange your data into flexible, slick layouts for presentations and meetings.
Organize projects and assign teams.

With an enterprise account, we make it a breeze to keep your feedback projects organized with "Teams", an intuitive system for inviting coworkers to share, edit, and manage surveys or groups of surveys as you please, with multiple permission levels.

Plus other features like...
Survely has 50+ features that will put you on top of your feedback management game. Here are some of our favourites.

15+ Question Types

From smiley scales, to multiple choice, to short answer, to built in NPS functionality, we make it easy to ask the questions you want.
Complete Question Control

Create personalized survey-taking experiences for respondents based on their previous answers.

Question formatting

Want to add additional instructions to a question? You got it. Need to allow multiple answers? Not a problem. Required question toggling? We thought you’d never ask.

Themes & Branding

Add your company logo, customize your design, background, and color scheme, or choose from our stunning premade templates.

Export Data

One-click exportation to csv, Excel, or PDF format for easy sharing and third-party importation.

Automatic Reports

Receive daily, weekly, or monthly reports with your survey data automatically packaged up and delivered straight to your inbox.

Text Response Analysis

Decide to include short or long answer question types in your survey? Easily dig through written answers and uncover answer trends with our built-in word cloud tool.

Embed Functionality

Collect responses directly from your website with embedded surveys. Copy, paste, done.

Social Sharing

It’s 2015, be a social surveyor. Easily share surveys to Facebook, Twitter, and more without leaving the Survely website.

In-app Integration

Integrate Survely surveys directly into your own application using our API (coming very soon!).

Multi-user accounts

Manage users & groups, and keep track of all activity from a centralized dashboard.

Role management

Collaborate and co-create surveys with our permission based role management system.

"With Survely, we get a system that is flexible and easy to use. It lets us ask questions designed for our line of work and it's as easy as it gets to analyze the answers."
Patrik Vrbanc - Master Training
Becoming a feedback-driven company means smarter decision making, higher agility, and boosted ROI.

And we make it easy.
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